Whether you are a musician, songwriter, performance artist or author, we understand how personal your craft is to you.  With an educational background in Radio, TV and Film along with her experience as a Nashville publicist, Crystal Etue is uniquely equipped to assist you in reaching your professional goals.  She is prepared to help you develop or negotiate a legal solution geared to utilize your unique talents. Whether it’s a simple copyright or trademark registration or a contract negotiation, she can help identify and avoid any unnecessary pitfalls while providing a perspective that considers the legal ramifications as well as those which may befall your public image.  


Although many people still don’t think playing video games could ever be a viable career option, millions of fans worldwide would disagree.  Competitive Esports is quickly becoming the next professional sports arena with a booming industry that has generated over $900 million in revenues in 2018 and is expected to grow 38% over the coming year.  Forbes anticipates the Esports economy will exceed $1.6 billion by 2021.

Here are some facts about this up and coming industry that might surprise you.

  • Professional sports organizations like the New York Yankees, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers have invested in or created Esports teams.
  • Iconic celebrities like Drake, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have all jumped on the Esports bandwagon by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into league teams.
  • Disney just signed a multi-year deal with Activision Blizzard to broadcast the Overwatch League playoffs and finals on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and DisneyXD bringing Esports to primetime television.
  • Overwatch and League of Legends franchises are currently valued at more than $50 million each.
  • According to Forbes, there are approximately 165 million Esports fans and spectators; this number represents 15% year over year growth.
  • Pro players who are signed to teams like Cloud9, TeamSoloMid (TSM), Team Liquid, or 100 Thieves have deals that put them up in million-dollar homes, provide them with personal chefs and dieticians as well as earn an average salary of $60,000 a year.
  • The highest earning Esports player has made more than $4 million playing competitive Dota 2.

With new opportunities popping up every day in this competitive new area of entertainment, it is imperative that you educate yourself on the industry and the business before embarking on a career.  Understand the legal ramifications of signing a team contract, sponsorship agreement, management contract or even a tournament participation agreement.  It is easy to get excited at the possibility of being a professional Esports competitor, but don’t get caught up in the hype. If you are an esports athlete with dreams of going pro, make sure to contact an experienced attorney before you sign on the dotted line.  As mom and personal counsel to professional Esports athlete, “Morgausse,” Crystal Etue can help ensure your interests are protected and negotiate a deal that is right for you.