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It is a difficult time for immigrants due to the recent changes to Immigration Law. Today, more than ever, the system has dehumanized immigrants, leaving this part of our population vulnerable, fearful and without hope. Immigrants and their families need an attorney whom they can trust, someone who understands their needs, and will make them feel closer to home and closer to the people they love. Most importantly, immigrants and their families need an attorney who can help renew their hope.

Ms. Etue has devoted much of her life to public service as a United States Veteran and as an educator.  She is committed to advocate for the helpless, the victims of domestic violence and the stateless.

Call us if:

  • You have been a victim of a crime in the U.S. (whether you are inside or outside the U.S);
  • You or a family member is in removal proceedings;
  • You or a family member is in ICE Custody;
  • You are applying for a family member who is inside or outside the U.S;
  • You are the subject of an expedited removal order, order of removal or you are appealing your immigration proceedings; or
  • You are in limbo and just don’t know what to do.


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