You all have gone above and beyond for me. What I thought was impossible you made it possible!!
Thank you!!

Google Review Posted by Mieke Fritz – November 2021

She rescued me ! Mid emergencies, and fraudulent motions, she stepped in at the peak of a very chaotic situation. I was hysterically trying to stay afloat, and she offered a hand. She empathized, she believed me, and she stayed WITH me, through it all. I never felt like I was “alone” again. Why anyone would ever choose to be a family law attorney is beyond my comprehension but you’re going to need help if you’re a woman divorcing in TN, and Crystal WILL fight for you ! She really is the “good person” everyone says she is, and that meant everything to me !

Google Review Posted by Lisa Patel – November 2021

I just went through a divorce and Crystal walked me through it ever step of the way. What attracted me to her business and kept me there were her values. She is honest, incredibly hard working and above all, her priority was the welfare of my 4 year old daughter. She did not disappoint. Nobody is a winner in divorce and family law suits but she made it as easy as it could possibly go. The last 6 months have been the most trying in my life and it was so nice to have a competent attorney to take care of the legalities so that one less weight was on my shoulders. I trusted her and could rely on her and will continue to rely on her for all my future legal needs. Also, a small shout out to her assistant Linda! She was so nice and helpful!

Google Review posted by CJ Harrison – January 2021

Mrs. Etue made me feel like I finally had someone to stand up for me, inform me and guide me through a very painful process. She was able to accomplish this with grace, professionalism and respect when the other party had the complete opposite approach and I couldn’t be more grateful and happy with her services.

Google Review posted by Dana Sacdalan – March 2021

Mrs. Etue was very professional and straight forward. Took care of everything that needed to be done. Response times was very quick to return call! The price was well worth the service. I could not of asked for a better attorney in my divorce case! She was understanding and worked with me on so many different issues that came up! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for representation in a divorce. Thank you for all your help and everything you did! Your a rockstar!!

Google Review Posted by Will Wagoner – March 2021

Crystal Etue is a brilliant attorney. I believe in her passion for the law. Crystal has always made time to listen to ALL of my fears and concerns. She will fight wholeheartedly for the best possible outcome and she is the attorney you want on your side!

Google Review posted by Kristen Johnson October 2020

Crystal Etue is an amazing attorney! She honestly cares about you and your case. She is timely, kind, and on top of it. Not only is she a good person, as one reviewer mentioned, but she thinks outside of the box. If you are looking for a down-to-earth, affordable, client focused attorney, Crystal is your person. If I ever need anything, I will be going to her. Google Review Posted by Codie Mitchell – January 2020

Was very professional with my case and procedures that I went through with the court. I will say if you are looking for an attorney. Mrs. Etue is the best one that I have worked with in years. I recommend that you contact her for your legal representation. 200%.

Google Review posted by Royce Guy – November 2019

Crystal Etue is not only a great attorney, she’s also an amazing advocate! She was extremely thorough with my case and didn’t give up until the best outcome was achieved! She is very professional, knowledgeable, confident and very compassionate! A true advocate, which is exactly what my case needed! She’s not one to back down from a tough case. I think it’s worth noting that her fees are reasonable (she won’t try to drain your bank account!) Crystal is an exceptional attorney and human! I highly recommended! Google Review posted by Daphne Elmore – August 2019

Crystal provided legal advice and then representation during a post divorce situation. She went beyond just legal representation and was there for me as a compassionate person. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs a divorce attorney that will look out for their best interest. Even though I had already went through the court, I was within my 30 day window, she provided me with her best legal advice on everything. We always talked through our plans together and I understood everything before we went forward. She represented me as my attorney and stood right beside me during the most difficult time in my life. Google Review posted by Miracle Tenney – August 2019

Crystal Etue is going to make a name for herself in the Nashville market.

Outstanding Legal Professional

Ms. Etue is a very competent and compassionate professional. She is by the book, however she gives 100% to find a way to defend your case. She really took a personal interest in not only my case but also my well being. I’ve dealt with a few attorneys and she is by far one of the more personable. She is a genuine a GOOD PERSON which is not common among attorneys. I would trust her to defend my position with any of my legal concerns.

Posted by Andre on January 10, 2019

Wonderful Divorce Attorney

Ms. Etue represented me in a post divorce situation. She worked tirelessly for me. Always returns calls and emails and answered all the questions I had and put my fears to rest. With a positive outcome she is by far an amazing family law attorney!!!!

Posted by Mahri on December 20, 2018

5 Star Review of Law Offices of Crystal EtueI needed an order of protection against someone who had done malicious things towards & was continuously harassing me;This girl went as far as getting an order of protection on me as another way of harassing me.-I was extremely nervous about court because; I knew this girl would lie and Taunt me in court.-‘Boy oh’ boy’ was I right!- she called me crazy and few other things attacking my character.-But;with my attorney Crystal Etue’s advice;I remained dignified while; this girl continued to bury herself when answering questions from crystal & The judge.-I was so nervous & crystal literally took my hand & held it. Crystal told me it’s okay;We’ve got this & we did -Thank God & Crystal Etue Because I needed something to make it stop-when you are in fear for your safety that’s a scary place to be.-If your in a situation like mine or similar or just needing an outstanding attorney that’s a real go getter. Call Crystal because,She has the spunk you need but is so attentive & compassionate towards your needs.-I loved her,m y husband loved her & we’d recommend her to anyone.She was definitely a Blessing to us & I’m sure she’d be a Blessing to other’s-sincerely The Smiths Posted by Sadie S. on May 15, 2019